Exporting Personal Goods by Air freight to Lagos, Nigeria


Export of personal effects to Lagos, Nigeria by air made easy by Ascope Shippers. Staff members can assist our customers on all overseas Lagos, Nigeria export related services. International Air freight service to Lagos, Nigeria done without complications. Consignee will collect cargo at Lagos, Nigeria airport, clear the personal items through customs to pay local handling charges. We can also pick up to deliver personal effects to our terminal point before export.


Ascope Shippers specialize in personal items export to Lagos, Nigeria with an emphasis on quality service. Air freight to Lagos, Nigeria has never been easier with prices to transit time favourable. If amount of cargo is not known i.e either weight / cubic metres then we cannot help you move your personal items by air freight.



Air freight Lagos, Nigeria £2.20 per kg





Air handling 25p per kg (Min £20)

Security 20p per kg (Min £20)

Air Waybill £30

Export NES customs £20

Fuel & War risk - Average is 80p per kg


Rates above are based on minimum cargo +50kgs, discounts available for cargo +150kgs, +300kgs etc.


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