Container and Car Shipping to Singapore


Car shipping and personal items shipping services from the most reliable shipping company to Singapore. Shipping to Singapore via regular Shipping Container Services or Roll on Roll vessels. Enquire for quotes by filling our online form or call us for shipping your vehicle/cargo to Singapore from UK.


· Secure, safe, dependable cargo/vehicle shipping overseas to Singapore.
· Choose from Containerized or RoRo shipping services to Singapore.
· We have the cheapest overseas car /cargo shipping deals available to Singapore.


We at Ascope Shipping Services can transport any car, van, bus, tractor, trailer, truck, heavy plant machinery, caravan, motorhome, motorcycle, barrels, container, furniture, excess baggage and personal items from your doorstep in the UK to anywhere in Singapore.


For an accurate quotation you will need to advise the overall dimensions of the vehicle/cargo. You will receive a quotation within 30 minutes of your request for quay to quay rates. We will supply you with contact details of our long serving and well established clearing agents in Singapore. You can contact them in advance to find out what other charges will be applicable, i.e customs clearance and transport costs.


We can source any vehicle on your behalf from anywhere in the UK and export it to Singapore, just provide us with a list of your specifications and advise how much money that you are willing to spend. There is no need for you to be in the UK to be able to export the vehicle to Singapore as we can take care of everything for you.


Ascope Shipping Services can assure you peace of mind as we have many year's experience within the shipping and forwarding industry, we will ensure (to the best of our ability) that your vehicle/cargo will arrive on time and in the same condition that you left it in for when it arrives in Singapore.


For all your car or personal items shipping needs whether it be to Singapore or anywhere else, please contact us for a free no obligation quotation today. We are offering affordable shipments to Singapore.


You can also check out our up to date Sailing Schedule and see when the next available sailings are for your destination.

Call today for a free quotation and see how much we can save you on the cost of your shipment to Singapore.

Container and car shipping to Singapore


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Prices for Shipping to Singapore


Vehicle Type
RO/RO Prices / Costs
Container prices / Costs
Saloon Vehicle e.g VW Passat
£670 (Shared cont)
4x4 Vehicle e.g. Freelander
£670 (Shared cont)
Vans e.g Vauxhall Combo
£670 (Shared cont)
2 cars(saloon / 4x4)
£1300 (40ft cont)






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