The first step toward a purchase from the Vehicle is to email or fax your details. Once we have those particulars, we prepare and forward (via virus-free email attachment) a Sales Agreement containing vehicle description (Features and Pictures), total CIF price, Shipping schedule details (when possible), Payment details and other relevant information.

Full Payment Must be Received and Cleared before the cars leave the UK Ports. Although we accept payment by fractioned portions or instalments, the vehicles will only leave the country once the full quotation price has been received. Fax of client’s copy of fund remittance document from the bank is considered acceptable proof of payment. It might save a few precious days and will suffice to initiate vessel booking and custom clearance of shipment.

When signed and faxed back to us, the Agreement constitutes the initial step of our business relationship, and when payment is confirmed, the vehicle is removed from advertising and the shipping procedure is initiated.

Client particulars, billing details & transaction details are kept strictly confidential in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We only accept the Exact amount quoted and will NOT under any circumstance be involved in transferring balances to third parties on requests of clients.

Acceptable forms of payment are Telegraphic/Electronic Bank Wires/Transfers. There are huge discounts for clients shipping more than one vehicle. Please ask for details.



At shipping time, the purchaser automatically enters into an agreement with the shipping company. Consignee and/or owner of the shipment agrees to be bound by all Terms & Conditions written, typed, stamped and printed on the face and back of Bill of Lading, issued by the carrier.

Following payment, the vehicle is ferried domestically from the Dealer’s premises or Storage to the Port of Export. We organise Custom Clearance, Booking & Reservation of Vessel space, and safekeeping of vehicle & its documentation until boarding.

We will send all documentation approximately one week after Vessel’s actual departure. These documents are forwarded to the consignee or his forwarding agent, using EMS or FedEx courier service, which are tracked over the Internet. The Documents should reach the client hands within approximately 15 working days from the actual sailing date.

Typical documents/items provided include:

  • CIF receipt of sale (commercial invoice describing unit & price) for tax purposes.
  • Original Vehicle Registration Document
  • MOT Certificate (Ministry of Transport)
  • HPI Clearance Certificates (If Requested)
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate (From the AA or the RAC if Requested)
  • Original copy of Bill of Lading with extra copies, necessary to collect the vehicle at the destination
  • Owner’s Manuals and Service books
  • Loose items such as CD Players are also forwarded separately or hidden in the cars

A small minority of governments enforce ever-changing import rules for motor vehicles in their country. It is always the client’s responsibility, to maintain updated knowledge of import rules & regulations of the receiving country.

Vehicles are shipped on a fortnightly basis and depart from ports of Tilbury in London, Sheerness in Kent, Felixtow port and Southampton port.