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Trusted Logistic Service Provider

Ascope Shipping Services LTD is a shipping company registered in the UK, we are specialists in car shipping & export of personal items/cargo worldwide with many years of experience in the shipping and air freight industry. We are in partnership with many shipping lines in the UK and are able to ship vehicles, cargo and personal effects at the lowest price possible.

ascope shipping services about us

If you are looking to export/ship a vehicle, cargo, or personal items, please feel free to call or submit an inquiry. Export prices are also listed on our website. We offer sublime customer service in the shipping and air freight industry. We are earning our reputation through highly satisfied customers, vast experience, an unmatched quality of service and a highly dedicated team, please check our customer reviews.

Following payment, the vehicle/personal items are shipped overseas from the port of departure to destination port i.e after you deliver cargo to UK port.

We attend to all the export paperwork including organising the UK Clearance, Booking shipping space on the Vessel, and safe storage of vehicle at UK port before shipment. Note that, the vehicle can be delivered to the UK port 3 weeks before the departure of the vessel.

Bill of lading will be sent to you 4-6 working days after the departure of the vessel from UK port. Document send by UK special delivery. Prices in our Quotations include: Strapping and securing cars on/under the deck, UK customs clearance, preparation of customs documentation, shipping to your country, boarding of carrier vessel and Bill of lading fee.  We export and ship cars and cargo to many international countries, please feel free to contact us for rates.

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