Efficient Shipping from Liverpool Port to Europe

The Port of Liverpool, along with the Manchester Ship Canal, offers a comprehensive range of port facilities, handling over 40 million tonnes of cargo and 15,000 ship movements annually. This makes the River Mersey Britain’s third busiest estuary, serving as a vital maritime gateway.

We ship to Cyprus, Malta and most European countries from Liverpool port.

Shipping from Liverpool port

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Strategically located in the heart of the UK, the Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal provide a “green” gateway to an economy of more than 120,000 industrial and commercial enterprises and a population equal to that of greater London. Once fierce commercial rivals, these two entities now operate seamlessly under the banner of Peel Ports, the UK’s second-largest ports group, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations.

Extensive European Shipping Network

At Ascope Shipping, we leverage the strategic location and world-class facilities of the Port of Liverpool to offer reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions to various European destinations. Our extensive shipping network covers popular European destinations.

Reliable and Timely Deliveries

With our experienced logistics team and partnerships with reputable shipping lines, we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. Our commitment to excellence, combined with the Port of Liverpool’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and efficient handling processes, guarantees a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Ascope Shipping, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal are renowned for their “green” initiatives, implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize their carbon footprint. By choosing our shipping services, you contribute to a more sustainable future while benefiting from efficient and reliable logistics solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our shipping services from the Port of Liverpool to Europe. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your shipping needs, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.