groupage shipping1

Groupage applies to a shipment which does not justify the exclusive use of its own container. In many cases, cargo will only occupy a small part of a container so we will combine it with another customer and cost will be split according to its volume. A groupage shipment contains goods from two or more suppliers so it brings considerable cost savings. Merchandise is grouped according to volume, type of merchandise, condition and destination. Each lot is tagged individually so there can be no error.

If you are shipping just a few items or the contents of a one bedroom apartment then Ascope shipping groupage service would best suit your needs. Your packed and wrapped goods are loaded into a container with other shipments. This service allows you to split the cost of filling a container with other customers that are looking to do the same.

Whether you’re transporting a few boxes or a large freight, Groupage Shipping is the number one choice for transport and delivery solutions. We’re proud to serve both commercial and domestic customers on a huge variety of assignments, large and small. By offering convenient door to door collection and delivery, we’ve taken the hassle out of haulage.

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