Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address your questions real quickly.

What is the Transit time?

Transit time depends on destination and mode of transport (RoRo or Container shipping), it varies from 7 days to 55 days, please contact us and we will advise for your destination.

What documents are required for shipping?

If you are shipping a vehicle, we will require a copy of the V5 document / log book and if you are shipping items in the container, we will require a packing list for the item.

Can I travel with the vehicle / cargo?

No, the vessels are only for carrying cargo and no passengers.

Do I have to deliver the vehicle to the port?

You can deliver the vehicle to the port yourself or we can arrange transporter to come and collect from you and deliver to the port on your behalf but that will be at an extra charge depending on the distance to the port.

Do I need insurance for my vehicle / cargo during shipment?

Marine insurance is not mandatory but we always advise to get one.

What is the price for shipping a vehicle / cargo?

Prices depends on what you are shipping and destination, for vehicles, small saloon cars are charged the same price, 4×4 cars are charged based on their size but some destination, price for 4×4 cars are the same.

Price for vans, buses / coaches, trucks, caravans and motorhomes are based on their sizes.

Price for container is based on the size of the container and where in UK you require the container for loading.

Does the price include customs clearance at destination?

No, we always advise to get in contact with a custom clearing agent at destination so they can advise on requirements and charges when cargo arrive there before shipping.

Can I load the items in the vehicle shipped to RoRo service?

Some shipping lines allow that but many are now not accepting vehicles to be loaded with items, please check with us and we will advise.

How do I make payment?

You can make payment though bank transfer or pay cash in bank. We will email you the invoice with bank details after booking has been confirmed.

How do I make a booking?

You can make booking through our website, click on book now and complete the booking form and submit it and we will make the booking for you.

What happens after vessel has sailed?

We will email you a copy of the draft bill of lading document to check if all the details are correct and after confirming all is correct, we will either post the originals to you or shipping line can issue telex release to your destination and we email you the final copy of bill of lading.

Do I need to have fuel in my vehicle for RoRo service?

Yes, we recommend to have enough fuel to drive the vehicle in and out of the vessel but it should not be more than quarte of a tank.

Do I need to inform DVLA that I am exporting the vehicle?

Yes, you need to complete the part on the V5 document for export and post it to DVLA to inform them you are exporting the vehicle.

Can my vehicle be shipped on RoRo service if it is not drivable?

No, vehicle must be drivable with operative brakes and steering and enough fuel to enable to be driven on & off the vessel.

Can the container be delivered to my address for loading?

Yes, but the address must have enough space for a truck with trailer to be able to access without any problem and that it will not be blocking the road and vehicles from passing through. Also please check that you do not require permission to load at that address before booking container for loading.

How long do I have to load the container?

It depends on the option you have chosen, for loading the same day, standard loading time is 3 hours then they start charging after that.

But container can also be left with you for a few days but that will cost extra than loading the same day.

Can you ship a vehicle that is on Finance?

You will require a letter from the finance company to allow you to ship the vehicle out of the country first, otherwise, port police will not allow for the vehicle to be exported.

Do I require MOT and Tax for my vehicle before it is shipped?

No, vehicle does not require MOT and tax when it is getting exporting but please note, there are some countries that require vehicle to be inspected before they are shipped and some inspection companies require the vehicle to have a valid MOT.