Caravan and Motorhome Shipping from the UK to Worldwide Destinations

Ascope Shipping specializes in transporting caravans and motorhomes overseas via roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels departing from the ports of Newcastle and Southampton. With weekly sailings, we can ship your caravan or motorhome to hundreds of international destinations, including popular spots like Australia, New Zealand, and Cyprus.

The Benefits of Traveling with Your Caravan or Motorhome

More and more people are discovering the advantages of taking their caravan or motorhome abroad. This cost-effective approach allows you to explore your chosen country in the comfort and convenience of your own home on wheels. No need to worry about finding suitable accommodation or packing light – simply hop into your caravan or motorhome and hit the road!

Secure and Safe RORO Shipping

When you choose RORO shipping with Ascope, your caravan or motorhome will be loaded onto purpose-built vessels, either on the lower or upper decks, protecting it from the elements like rain, wind, and ocean spray. Your vehicle will be securely fastened to the deck using straps and wheel blocks, and our team will conduct regular checks throughout the voyage to ensure everything remains secure during transit.

Preparing Your Caravan or Motorhome for Shipping

To comply with shipping line policies, we recommend shipping your caravan or motorhome in its original manufactured condition, without any personal effects inside. Additionally, depending on the age of your vehicle, you may need to have the refrigerator de-gassed before shipping. If this is required, you’ll need to obtain a certificate confirming the de-gassing process has been completed.

We also suggest removing any gas bottles from your vehicle and purchasing new ones upon arrival at your destination.

Get an Accurate Quote

To receive an accurate quote for shipping your caravan or motorhome, please provide us with the vehicle’s dimensions, including length, width, height, and tow hitch length (if applicable for a caravan). Rates are calculated based on the overall measurements, either by cubic meter or linear meter, depending on your destination country.

Contact Ascope Shipping today to start planning your next adventure with your beloved caravan or motorhome!

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