Shipping Cars to Kenya (Mombasa)

Affordable car shipping to Kenya, Mombasa port from trusted international shipping company. Shipping vehicles to Mombasa port, Kenya is our speciality. Our team is specialised in car shipping to Kenya with over 10 years experience and we are number one company to trust with your vehicle when it comes to shipping to Kenya. If you are looking to import your vehicle to Kenya from UK, please contact us for a no obligation quote and stress free service.

We can arrange vehicle collection from anywhere in UK and delivery to a UK port. We can also deliver container for loading to anywhere in UK.

Please note QISJ Inspection is required for all vehicles exported to Kenya before shipment and the vehicles must not be older than 8 years.

Prices for shipping to Kenya

Vehicle Type RO/RO Prices  Container Costs
Saloon Vehicle e.g Toyota Avensis £1140 Enquire (20ft cont)
4×4 Vehicle e.g. Range Rover Vogue Enquire Enquire (20ft cont)
Vans e.g Ford Transit Enquire Enquire (20ft cont)
2 cars(saloon / 4×4) Enquire Enquire (40ft cont)


We are currently able to offer two different ways of shipping your vehicle/cargo.


Roll on Roll off (RORO) method of shipping to Kenya offers a cost-effective way of transporting cars(saloons and 4×4’s), vans, minibuses, buses, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery and plant to Kenya as units are only charged for the space they take on the Vessel. We export new and used vehicles and self-propelled machinery to Mombasa, Kenya from Tilbury, Teesport, and Southampton port.

We offer both door-to-port and port-to-port services from the UK. Vehicles can either be driven to the port or transported on our door-to-port service. We have access to all the vessels departing from the UK on a monthly basis.

RoRo Car Shipping to Kenya

Please take note of the below for RoRo vehicle shipping to Kenya:

Electric cars are currently not accepted without prior notice.
No personal or household effects of any kind can be loaded in any vehicle. Cars may not be loaded with any kind of spares/parts.
Self-propelled trucks MUST not be loaded with another vehicle of any description. Spare parts can only be loaded on trucks if they are specific replacements for the vehicle that they are loaded on (ie only 3 spare axles to a 3 axle truck).
Only flatbed trailers designed to carry vehicles can be loaded with other vehicles. Flatbed trailers may still be loaded with cars or trucks but only one tier high. A trailer will be allowed to have two vehicles loaded back to back, but no part of either vehicle can be balanced/suspended on any part of the other. A loaded trailer may still be pulled by a truck
Where a trailer is loaded, the cargo on the rear must be complete and in running order. ie no half cuts, axles/chassis’, cabs etc. All tyres on loaded trucks must be deflated if loading ex Tilbury. Loaded cargo must not overhang at the rear or the front.
Trucks coupled with trailers must be delivered to ports already coupled together.
All cargo must be in good running order with no damage – containing enough fuel to load and discharge only.
Plant and agricultural cargo must have start up and operational procedures when delivered. They must also be left in transport position by the delivering party, ports will not drop cargo into the smallest position once on quay.
Please check with us if you are unsure of anything, cargo not meeting these restrictions will not be shipped.


The container transport method to Kenya offers a secure and safer way of shipping vehicles/cargo to Mombasa and ICD Nairobi, Kenya. We load and secure vehicles/cargo in 20ft and 40ft containers before being shipped. We offer both door-to-port and port-to-port container shipping services to Kenya. We also offer container loading and lashing service at the port and also at Grays depot in Essex, alternatively, the containers can be delivered to your address for loading. We ship containers on a weekly basis from the UK.

Container Shipping to Mombasa or Nairobi, Kenya

We can source any vehicle on your behalf from anywhere in the UK and export it to you, just provide us with a list of your specifications and advise how much money you are willing to spend and we take care of everything for you.

We can assure you peace of mind as we have many year’s experience in the shipping and forwarding industry, we will ensure that your vehicle/cargo will arrive in the good condition that you left it in for when it arrives.


Vessel: Port: Closing date: Sailing date: Arrival date:
Morning Crown Tilbury 24.11.2023 29.11.2023 06.01.2024
Morning Crown Teesport 01.12.2023 05.12.2023  06.01.2024



Before you decide to undertake car or cargo shipping to any country, it is very important to know what requirements are needed for importing cargo or vehicles in that country and that you meet the required standards.

It is important you consider customs implications and costs in Kenya that will be involved once the cargo or vehicle arrives at the designated country by contacting the necessary parties.

Call today for a free quotation and see how much we can save you on the cost of your shipment to Kenya.

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